Happy Birthday William Morris

Just a taster of some work from the stunning stunning stunning stunning William Morris textile designer, translator, author born in Walthamstow (!), Essex. Don't know how pleased he would be to see how times have changed in his old neighbourhood. Nonetheless, beauty lives on.

Listen to the Calling of the Ladybugs

The wonderful synchronicity of the natural world was at it again today.

This afternoon I was making a card for my baby niece's 1st birthday. One year old! My, my, what a wonderful age. Originally, I had planned to appliqué a little yellow gingham duckie onto the recycled brown cardstock I bought, but could I find a nice bit of fabric? No.

Right, keep looking. I turned around and these little ladybug buttons were staring right at me. The three of them just sitting there, waiting for me to take them home. So I did. 

I only had just under an hour to so it had to be a quickie and this is what I came up with:

It's a fairly simple idea but the three dimension of the smooth plastic buttons (hand sewn on) against the fluffy little pompoms worked a treat.  The pop out aspect of it, if you can call it that, i.e. the construction made up for what it was lacking in design.  The red frame around is a wider double zigzag stitch. I have a fairly basic sewing machine so there is probably something very similar on your own. In any event, baby couldn't stop playing with it.  She was running her little fingers delicately around the pompoms and trying to pull off the buttons. 

And the best bit is this: when we came home, I went outside to bring the laundry in off the line and look who I found: