Winter Holiday Decorations

Hi y'all.

I've been working away making all sorts of Winter Holiday decorations for around the home, for friends and family (lots of birthdays this time of year).

Here are a few items that have come out pretty cute, albeit some of them in not practical. And you know me, I am a practical kind of a girl so when my creations do hit both the practicality and pretty nails on the head, we're winning. Anyway...sometimes these things are just fun to make for the sake of it. Like blowing bubbles. They are a sight to behold then, pop! And just like that you find yourself blowing another bubble...or hooking another pompom technicolored tannenbaum.

We then have the ever so handy crocheted fairy lights. These were so simple to make and really quick to work up. I can't for the life of me find the tutorial to link it...I'll keep looking. They are proving rather popular in fact with family.

Then there are the Practical coasters, yay! 

These were made out of hardware twine. It's a bit rough to work with but gives a really firm hold which I love and the texture is great to look at. I admire them each time I set my mug of hot drink down....mmmm