Juicy Watermelons

I got so completely caught up in the swing of summer crochet chains (and had a lot of time on my hands as I was waiting for the pets' crates to show up for our epic adventure to the Pacific North West. Eek! Can hardly wait) that once I finished my tropical pineapple presents, I wanted MORE. 

More fruit, more colour, more summer, MORE JUICY FUN!!

I almost died when I saw these. I didn't think it could get any better than tutti-frutti pineapples, then I found this: WATERMELON. Yep. Shouts 'summer time' right?  

The pattern instructions are a little funny (but it might just be me), nevertheless, it is very forgiving and with a little bit of eye/hand coordination, anyone would make these work. Play around and see how you go.  As always, leave a comment and a link to your work with #walkthedogyoga. 

Here's to Summer living (not quite there yet, but I'm getting ready)!

Catch you in the rainbow.

Verite xo