Juicy Watermelons

I got so completely caught up in the swing of summer crochet chains (and had a lot of time on my hands as I was waiting for the pets' crates to show up for our epic adventure to the Pacific North West. Eek! Can hardly wait) that once I finished my tropical pineapple presents, I wanted MORE. 

More fruit, more colour, more summer, MORE JUICY FUN!!

I almost died when I saw these. I didn't think it could get any better than tutti-frutti pineapples, then I found this: WATERMELON. Yep. Shouts 'summer time' right?  

The pattern instructions are a little funny (but it might just be me), nevertheless, it is very forgiving and with a little bit of eye/hand coordination, anyone would make these work. Play around and see how you go.  As always, leave a comment and a link to your work with #walkthedogyoga. 

Here's to Summer living (not quite there yet, but I'm getting ready)!

Catch you in the rainbow.

Verite xo

Juicy Fruit

I'm so done with this winter. As much as I love to hook up the chunky infinity scarves and blankets and cozy woolies every season, I cherish the day I can put my crochet hook to rest and lounge by the pool, baking under the Summer sun, sipping on a icy cold fruity cocktail.

Scratch that. I live in England. It's never hot enough and we don't have a pool. That just leaves me with the juicy cocktail then.  Except, I don't really drink.  

So what I did was trawl the internet for some Spring/Summer inspiration and as I had a couple of occasions coming up, I made some presents!  

I just love these patterns. They were so much fun and so quick to make. The added silliness, joyful, colourful and playful element of these projects were just what the doctor ordered to banish the residual grey winter doldrums and completely brighten up my day!  Read my other post about watermelons here.

Bring on the SUMMERTIME!

I love a bit of chain/crochet bunting.  There is a time and a place for every fathomable crochet variation. If you can think it, we need to bring it to conception, and rock it. In fact, I'm already looking at possible BBQ party season decorations (because I won't be here in rainy old England)...drumroll please...flamingo bunting. I know! *Squeal*

But back to the more serious stuff, ahem. What can say sunshine and tropical happiness more than, yep, you guessed it,  pineapples? I found this brilliant pattern at byhandlondon .   The step-by-step tutorial is full of close up pictures and super simple to follow. I think a beginner would even find this a doddle.  And of course,  it's totally free. I heart the internet. 

I whipped these up in no time at all and literally had a smile on my face the entire time. I just couldn't control the yellow bright happiness  =)

Then, I started playing around a bit more. I was running out of yellow so I tied in some salmon pink to see how it would blend in.It came out looking like a guava/peach/ mango! I think I love this pattern even more now. I made a tutti-frutti concoction of juicy flavours of the rainbow

These are the finished product. They are on the wrong side (WS) as I was blocking them and drying them flat. It doesn't matter though, you can still see how totally adorable and fun these are going to be. I couldn't find a good place to hang them up for the pictures but that's just as well as they are 'especially made for you' presents and I really hope the people that are receiving them won't be reading this post before I pack them up and send them off for their anniversary. Oops, spoiler alert. 

Give them a go if you feel inspired, and honestly, who wouldn't?  

Then leave a comment and a  link to your creations with #walkthedogyoga and share the summer love.

Peace out.

Verite xo

Winter Holiday Decorations

Hi y'all.

I've been working away making all sorts of Winter Holiday decorations for around the home, for friends and family (lots of birthdays this time of year).

Here are a few items that have come out pretty cute, albeit some of them useless....as in not practical. And you know me, I am a practical kind of a girl so when my creations do hit both the practicality and pretty nails on the head, we're winning. Anyway...sometimes these things are just fun to make for the sake of it. Like blowing bubbles. They are a sight to behold then, pop! And just like that you find yourself blowing another bubble...or hooking another pompom technicolored tannenbaum.

We then have the ever so handy crocheted fairy lights. These were so simple to make and really quick to work up. I can't for the life of me find the tutorial to link it...I'll keep looking. They are proving rather popular in fact with family.

Then there are the Practical coasters, yay! 

These were made out of hardware twine. It's a bit rough to work with but gives a really firm hold which I love and the texture is great to look at. I admire them each time I set my mug of hot drink down....mmmm

Stubby Little Crocheted Nest

I woke up one morning the other day, jumped out of bed, made myself a cup of hot lemon water, grabbed my crochet hook and some cotton twine and whizzed this little thing up. 


I had no instructions other than this burning desire to hook, first thing, sitting in my bed, still in my pyjamas. I was actually surprised at how easily and quickly it worked up. Maybe an hour tops. The stitches are all single crochets throughout, with the occasional  2 x single crochet into a stitch to expand the rounds on the base of the nest. Also, the cotton twine was stiff to begin with but by incorporating the coloured yarn into it, it seemed to give more, adding a softness and a flexibility that makes it feel very squat and ergonomic yet still sturdy and proud. It rests nicely, very flat on any table top, counter top or windowsill and I am really rather pleased with it.

Now, just have to find a use for it...

After note: randomly, or perhaps not so randomly I went out into our garden the following day and I found this empty eggshell placed neatly into one of our terracotta dishes...?