Big Days Coming Up

As Americans prepare for Thanksgiving tomorrow the planets continue to battle and swirl their energies out. You  know all those weird and fascinating images of headless snakes, half creatures, other worldliness beings with tridents and swords and spears? The meaning of which of course is always the piercing through of perception, the clean 'cut' definition  i.e. clarity, the double sided duality of it all. Well, that's-a-coming. It's amazing really that we even find time to breathe.

And Breathe We Must.

Today's full moon in gemini paired in Sagittarius (another half beast with an arrow) is a biggie. Often referred to as the 'mourning moon' and the Saturn Neptune square tomorrow and we are in for a real cosmic play. With all this happening externally and of course, as we are of the stars, it in turn leads to our internal story, our own interplay.

The mourning moon is a time to let go of all the kaka that came up for you this year, the darkness and difficulties, by examining them one last time and then packing it up and shipping them away forever before the winter solstice. Done.  Allowing yourself to search through these events in your life over the last 11 months and shining the light of her glorious gemini lunabeams onto them all...and literally drowning them, for good.

If you are lucky enough to be nearby some form of natural water at this time  such as the sea, a brook, or even just some water from you tap (perhaps just say a little cleansing blessing before hand) gather your thoughts and feelings and as you listen to the sound of the waves, breathe out the old stories of this year. Feel alive and energized with each new breath, each new wave, each splash and crash of the water. Alternatively go for a swim or a bathe in the soothing restorative waters and allow its magical hydro properties to heal and regenerate. Or just fill up your sink with water and dip or plunge your hands in several times, for several  rounds as a cleansing ritual, consciously washing your hands of the whole thing. Let go.

Let go. Again and again over these last years since 2012 we are being urged and even forced to Just.Let.Go. There is always more to let go of. And always more joy and abundance to receive. Really, there is.

Then there is tomorrow with our S&N (Saturn/Neptune) square...well...that is where we are being pulled from controlled and defined (Saturn) to free and formless (Neptune).  The seesaw swings back and forth and we are to find out in which aspect of our lives do we need more of one and less of the other. Or less of the other and more of one.  Here we are again, presented with the vedic balance, the return of prakriti (nature), balanced with the divine purusha (awareness).

To help ease your way through this often turbulent transition  (I certainly know it has been for me. We have had some seriously stormy weather here in Cornwall for two weeks and it has whipped my Vata up big time and left me feeling very unsettled and 'frazzled' almost electrocuted in a way, short circuited. Grounding work is the balance) it will help greatly if you can ask yourself and reflect honestly on the following questions:

Where in my life do I feel lost? How do I find my way home from here?

Where in by life do I feel confined? How do I remove myself from this circumstance?

And finally, reflect on your achievements and accomplishments this year. Look how far you have come.

Have a listen to this Vedic mantra while you contemplate. And read the description on youtube below the video to understand how this mantra works.  It'll help you. Trust me. 

As always, with blessings. V x