On The Sabbath, They Rested

I am sorry to see it.  The end of this week. The girls are being picked up and taken home. I have grown rather attached to the pack. That surprises even me.  What a difference a week makes. 

One-on-one work with them has progressed exponentially as the week has gone by. Every single one of my guests has had to overcome personal challenges and obstacles to make this week work, together as a team.  I am so proud of each of them. They’ve made it! Very nice easy energy working through this unit. Like, I said before, it’s a small house, and we all learned to get along.  That has meant that each of us has had to give and receive. Release and accept. It’s been a great learning curve. 

So it is now time to chill and rest in the efforts of all our hard work. 

It’s a Dog’s Life

I was looking to ‘harmonise’ and even celebrate in a quiet, meditative way our combined accomplishments. When you are alive and live like we do on an energetic level, and you all do, it’s the easiest thing and it also the most pleasurable.  To reflect  upon what has shifted within your being is immensely satisfying and the passive gentleness it brings is a welcome relief after exerting output . In other words take time to observe, and feel the exchanges that have been made in your body, mind and spirit.  A type of Savasana, if you will. I think dogs like to call this a ‘nap’. A little Silent Circle time. Like group meditation. 

Smells Like ______ (insert noun, mine would be 'Canine Spirit')

We tried something different in the aromatherapy department this afternoon: Petitgrain.  Boy did it work a blinking treat.  

If you haven’t experimented with this little beauty yet in your aromabowl, you must. It’s a true delight.

The properties of the little miracle, and quiet underappreciated herb are fascinating.  Healing properties of Petitgrain essential oil are:  antiseptic, deodorant, antibacterial, anti-spasmodic, nervine, relaxant, immune-stimulant, anti-infectious, clarifying, sedative, tonic and anti-depressant. We wanted all of these things 

I found this wonderfully informative article all about the Ayurvedic properties of Petitgrain on the ayurvedicoils.com website. You can read the full article here.  


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