We Are God

This vast plane of existence that we arrive into, Planet Earth, is the incubator of all life, as we know it. We are the hatchlings, the seeds, that germinate and explode with our god given wisdom, light and beauty.

Our purpose here is to perpetuate life and creation. That is all. 

Q: If we know our vastness why would we choose to arrive into these seemingly smallness, this complication and suffering.If we are god why would we choose to be anything smaller?

A: There is no smallness in our purest sense. That is only a concept we use in this realm.

Q: There is no greatness either , then? 

A: Yes, in a sense. Greatness implies size, limit and restriction. There are no restrictions. As god, we are infinite, eternal, limitless. We are All.

Like your grand Oak trees or your smallest flower, You are both here in your largest conceivable image and also, within you, you are also your smallest form, Your cellular makeup, divisible in your image is infinite. You are everywhere.

Q: Why do we come here?

A: Your experience on Earth, is one of the most interesting we have encountered. It is a playground for all of your desires and creations to unfold. It is where you decide what it is you want be. No matter what that is, you are in constant perpetuation of your godliness. No matter what. Your life as you call it, is yours. It has been chosen by you. And if you try hard enough, or easily enough as we like to call it, you will remember this. All of you return home no matter what you 'make' in this life.  Your busyness is what generates creation. Your stillness is what sparks your recollection (of what you are). You are in constant interplay. Back and forth, back and forth, and we encourage you to enjoy it.

That is why you are here. To discover, and rediscover, and discover again.

Q: Discover what?

A: That is up to you. You are creating your world. You are creating your own self. You are creating god. 


High Five Gods!