As I am coming up from the Keleti station underground escalator I hear children. I reach the top and see there are little ones, everywhere. The passage way is filled with families, their tents and their babies are running around chasing one another, squealing and chuckling.  Fathers and mothers are playing with and singing to their children.

The first image that meets me is that of a young boy about  4 years old, pulling his baby sister, about 2, on a plastic pull-along pony she is sitting on. She has bouncy black shiny pigtails and her bunches are wrapped in matching pink elastic to her baby pink leggings. She is holding a soft, cuddly doll and they are giggling together softly in the morning sun. They could be anywhere. It is a sight you have seen many times in your own life: children playing. Light-hearted. Filled with wonder. In another world

In the evenings cinema screens are set up in the tunnels. Cartoons of Tom and Jerry are played in the underground for the children. 

These people are you and me. 

In this excruciating heat wave...we all rest, and wait.