Oregon, I think I love you.

I think I like to get a big  shot of antioxidants once every two weeks. In the form of red wine.  And I think, I've just about hit my quota.  Hello readers, welcome to the Harvest.

As I let the cat out this afternoon into the backyard, I was mesmerised by the way the leaves hissed off the trees here in a humid climate. It's warm and they are burning up. Red and Yellow. Red and yellow everywhere.

We're rolling in the deep with Oregon. It's  got us and I love the way it feels.  

I was speaking to my mom this morning, telling her I would call her back if she didn't mind, I was doing some shopping, preparing a slow stew for dinner so needed to get it all in the pot so it would melt down.  Would it be OK if I call her back? Of course she says. And when I do she is buzzing, and so am I. She's had beer and so have I. It's only 3pm. The apple leaf doesn't fall far from the tree. Thankfully. I am so grateful to be able to enjoy this life more and more each day.

Because you get to be here. 

So Im speaking with momma and I tell her 'I think I love it here' and she smiles through the receiver. I hear it. She replies 'Hmm....I knew you would. I just really knew you would -'

I cut her off: 'It's just so beautiful out here.' I continue. She says ' You know how I felt out there? It felt that Oregon loves you'.

Oregon loves you. It REALLY loves you.  Who knew?

 Then last night as I draw the beautiful long canvas curtains in our bedroom to a close - the moonlight!  The white beams are streaming in like headlights. It's days before the Aries full moon of October 16th , yet the lunar light on this side of the world is so much brighter already. Always. It rains, there are downpours but somehow it's not so opaque. Things somehow become clearer when it rains here, it does't blur like it does back home in the UK. Yes, I still call it home. Or maybe I have grown pleasantly accustomed to it making everything so bright and glossy. Enjoy the explosion of colours, the sprinkling of red and yellow stars, maples. So many maples. The colour. The new sound and tastes and textures. I'm falling in love.