What Am I Doing Here?

*Angel Card  - Diana Cooper*

It's official. I have been sent here back from the future. I'm not sure it's the future, it might be the past. I say 'future' because the place where I come from is beyond hostility, beyond war, beyond suffering. We've learned our lesson. Destructive thinking was the end of us. 

Many of us are falling apart at the seams, the terror on our faces ripping out our hearts. Terrorism. Terror. Listen to that. What a word. We created a world around that horrific word. Built a society on terror which is worse than fear. Terror is pain and suffering and literal blood and tears. Physical pain. The  most unnecessary type. 

So with every colour shape and thought projecting inside me, I Projected Out. We figured a few things out. Like listening in on the stillness. Disintegrating the boundaries of physicality. At all times following Heart. It told us to come back to the West Coast, where I was born.  And it feels right. I don't quite know what this place has in store for me, but it was my job to get here. So we did. And those boys, ah those pet boys of mine. They are the pack, my tribe. They've taught me to find my way. Trained me to be a better person. 

This person I answer to called Verite, I have been creating her for 39 years now. REinventing her over and over. She's got some good things to say now. She's found a way to decode the message. Turn it into Human. A communicator. A story teller. A message bringer. Connected to the Cosmos. Like the all of you. Something interesting emerged out here. It's a new yet familiar story. Something you remember. Sleeper agents awake,tHIS is the purpose.  Putting out our SOS in whichever way you do. Broadcasting something, somehow to the past. Like a time boomerang. A space hop. A Teleportation. The Language of Us -  Pauly called it the other day.

Hold light. Open space. Move it around. Shwoosh. Breathing in and breathing out. It really is that simple. Move it through you. Like a school of fish keep coursing together, don't get stuck in this confinement. It's force is strong. Learn to use the gravity to propel you even further into trajectory. Back where we were heading. Moving through this glitch in time like a dam, that we've now broken through. We collide and that is what brought us together. We imploded. So much chaos and opposing forces sooner or later it was inevitable. We were heading for self destruction. I always called us an autoimmune disease. We kept attacking ourselves.  Then somewhere along the line the body started feeling pain. Agonising pain. Self inflicted. It caused us to question what we had been doing all this time. Where were we heading? We didn't know it - but we died trying to figure it out. And the answer was there all along. 

Generation 'X' we were called. 'X' in algebra representing the unknown value that needs to be found; a variable. I never listened to any of that bullshit though. The people calling us those very names were the people creating our downfall. They served their purpose. They brought the worst of us to our attention. They made us understand that we were malleable. Impressionable, Creative and Thoughtful. But it worked the reverse on some of us. It made us rigid and small and narrow minded. Yet all along, our hearts kept beating as one: that school of fish swimming steadily along, a great big flock of birds, a peaceful pod of whales. We were no different. Just another stream of consciousness. And when we realised this, we snapped. The power was too much for some. It took over. 

No one wanted to read anymore. Not even this. The way out had to come in a different shape. So we became telemphathic. We spoke in the silence. We closed our eyes and tuned in. And there at the very centre of us was infinity. We played with learning the time loop. Riding rainbows. Shifting  space. Whilst all along staying firmly rooted in our human bodies. It was a freedom, an escape and a way home. A way back.  

So here I am. Back from the future. You've heard the story before. Hell, you're living it. I don't need to remind you. We all know what happens.

Who will be the healer?