When Fear Lands On Your Doorstep

Today we caught a train home from the  Keleti Train station in Budapest just two days after it was closed due to escalated hostility between the police and migrants wishing to leave the country.  This train station and I, go way way back and have been on many rides together. We've been using this line of transport - in and out of Budapest - for as long as I had been living here, in Hungary. That's twenty five years now.  I couldn't see why we needed to do anything different this time around.

We are warned to avoid the area and make alternative arrangements for travel."You don't want to see what's going on over there" say all my Hungarian friends and family.  In other words, turn a blind eye and look the other way.  How could I when  all of Hungary is veiled in the suffering and conflict arising from the refugee  situation? When the current crises is the only topic of conversation amongst its citizens?  

The country is harshly divided. There are those who anger at the influx will only be to the detriment of their existence and are fiercely protecting their beliefs through violence and hatred. Their behaviour is inhumane and not worthy of any further mention on this page.  

This entire disaster (and all others) is a culmination of our collective consciousness and a clear reflection of what we are feeding our thoughts and souls. THAT IS HOW LIVING IN FEAR MANIFESTS

Then there are those that are disgusted at the way not only the EU proceedings are being conducted in an attempt to 'remedy' the situation but more strongly the manner in which their fellow Hungarian citizens are treating these people, these families, our fellow human beings. This humanitarian attitude has taken  matters into its own hands creating organisations and groups offering active assistance.  Many have opened spaces such as their privately owned restaurants and vacant rental accommodation close by the Keleti Station to be used as food and clothing warehouses and as places providing much needed bathing facilities and temporary respite. Volunteers are making time after work, squeezing it in on their lunch breaks and filling their weekends with generous hours of humane support to keep this momentum going.  Giving for the sake of giving:  Their time, their heart.  From their Soul.  THIS IS HOW LIVING IN LOVE MANIFESTS.

Brothers and Sisters, how we think is how we feel. How we feel is how we live.  Please  help raise our collective consciousness by paying careful consideration to your thoughts, how these unfold and create actuality in your life, and in others'. We are capable of such greatness together. If you are reading this, you are being called to do some special work. The real work you have come here to do: Change the World. We can't do it without you.