We're Moving

So finally (!) we're back on track.  Phew, that was some testing times, these last few months, let me tell ya.  You know, when you decide to do something, - something 'big' in this life, like sell up, get rid of everything, move your family half way across the world to a place you have never even been before all only on a gut feeling and you know you are ready for it, ready for the challenges and experiences that will be presented for you to move and grow through - then Life Really Cracks Out The Good Stuff.  And when I say good, I mean the learning curves, the things you've got to put all of yourself into to keep breathing.

The physical tension was making us so very stiff, in the body. The flexibility required, took us back and forth between the extremes of Earth and Supreme. Matter and Non-Matter. Good lessons for sure, and physically strenuous.  Our muscles were seizing up and our joints were cracking and popping like Rice Crispies (Vata Vata Vata). Sure we do yoga and meditate every day, and thank dog we do, we'd be in worse shape if we didn't.  Paul has lost about a stone in weight and neither of us have been sleeping well.  But we put all our faith and belief into our conviction and we keep breathing.

We chant mantra and ask the angels for guidance. We carry crystals and gems in our pockets. I turn to Ganesh to help remove these superficial obstacles. We remind ourselves to release, release, Real Ease...and then it happens.  Just like that, The sun comes out one morning and the phone rings, with good news. We can  almost hardly believe it. We're on our way. Delays shift and the full Virgo 'death' moon brings righteous order to our worldly existence once again. For now anyway.

We're moving to the West Coast. I'm coming home.


Now breathe.