So Here We Are. Falling Back into Shakti.

Aha. That just happened.

We unravelled our life in the UK. Our perfectly comfortable, well adjusted, what some might even consider 'well to do' life, and sold it down the river.

We have been guided by Light. Listening into it's silent nightly whispers upon a full moon.  

What do you want with me? I ask during prayer and communion.

The Natural World answers:

Watch me as I move . Watch me as I grow.

Lay with me when I am quiet. Pour with me when I fall.

Somersault with me when I tumble. Rolling wave upon wave upon wave. 

Call it whatever you may, in every dialect.

But watch me as I move and see how I grow.

Ripen, as do I

and wither when I do.

And with answers like that...well.

Listen to your prayers. Hear them speak to you. Telling you what to do. The message is being broadcast 24-7. It's on auto loop. Your job is to get yourself back into resonance. You are noise. You are the humm. You are the universal drone. Listen to yourself speak. You are the creative manifest of being. The world is literally at your fingertips. Press them together lightly. Close that circuit. Feel the Mudra-Message. 

What is it you wanted?

Touch upon it. Gently. And literally. Activate Trust. You KNOW what you are. 

Soar, fly, dance, dive. Burn. And be Reborn. 

Peace xo