Taste The Summer Rainbow

A neighbour of ours sells his surplus of home grown fruit and vegetable for pennies (literally) throughout the summer season (and often well into autumn) on a pretty stall he sets up on his front porch.  We took a little stroll down there this morning to see what's what and came back with a bounty. We were out of fresh supplies at home anyway so it was a great opportunity to stock up. Keeping things local and seasonal you take what you get and this time we were in for a treat.

Check out this freaking rainbow!

I am going to make a tökfözelék with the marrow. It is a refreshing little hungarian summer dish of sauteéd julienne ribbons of marrow, in a slightly vinegary dill and crème fraîche sauce. It is something a little different and perfect for a light dinner. You can have several servings if you wish and bump it out with some nice fresh bread or bruschetta if you so choose. Traditionally paired with a pork meatloaf/meatball to play on the textures of smooth/sweet/sour marrow and the smoky/salty/baked meat the flavours work together creating a complimentary contrast.

We are having falafel with it however in keeping with the veggie theme.  Perhaps a pinch of smoked paprika as garnish on top and that should be enough. Recipes and pictures to follow in due course, as ever.

Just to make a minor spectacle out of the star of our dinner dish, I wanted you guys to see how big the marrow is! I am a UK ladies' 4.5 size foot and the marrow is about one and half times bigger. It's bumper crop gone mad.

And the red chard. It's incredible! Can you see me?

All-in-all, after writing up this article, I am now very inspired by this colourful array of goodness and eager to get my ass in the kitchen and get cooking. Enjoy the pics.

With Friday Blessings