Friday Stroll Around Town

Some days when we go for little walks, the town speaks to me.  The houses, the side alleys, the graffiti and nature. They call to me and capture my imagination.

This morning we went for a little stroll over to one of our neighbours who throughout the summer and well into fall, sells her abundance of home grown allotment fruit and vegetables on her front porch. You can read about our stupendous summer haul here.

But moving on through the town on the way home we spotted a few more things I wanted to share with you.  Simple things that you might enjoy.

Paul was feeling slightly peckish so we stopped into Stone's Bakery to grab a quick pastry for the walk back. I  have written about these guys before, and more than likely will do so again. They get bread. They understand yeast and flavour. The proof is in their pastries  - no pun intended.

This pain chocolate was for breakfast.

There is this gentleman who is a carpenter, or perhaps he whittles as a hobby, who has an open studio. His window today looked like this:

There was also this, which was what originally caught my eye. An interesting piece of home decor? A Puzzle? 

Then we headed down some of the quieter alley ways and back/garage entrances. They can be more peaceful, and even enchanted with over grown garden plants draping over rusty back doors and toys left out over night. Everything tells a story.

Of course, there is always some good graffiti.

Then there are the fronts of houses. 100 variations on how to say 'WELCOME'...or to not say it at all...

...or by letting the building speak for itself.

Or expressing who you are in your house name, or house number...

...or by magicking your creations into motion, allowing them to tell their own story a'la Pinocchio. Once again, another peek into an artist's studio, home and workshop.

And sometimes it is as simple as the first red apple ripening up, early on in the season, waving from high atop his beautiful kingdom.